Usually, when this question is asked, most people respond with information about their retirement funds. While that is a great response and a great start, there is more to planning for the future. As we all know about the uncertainties of social security benefits, having a retirement fund is a major step in preparing for your future. While I do believe that social security benefits will survive for a while, in some form, the cost of living, in many areas, is outpacing the growth of such benefits. That is why it is recommended that everyone look at developing a legal life plan—-whether you are 25 or 70. Developing a legal life plan is a continous plan that will change throughout your lifetime. It includes ensuring that you have retirement funds, your assets are protected, you have a health care proxy in place, your children/heirs are well protected, you have educational funds in place, and you are clear on your goals for your future. For additional questions about developing a legal life plan, please contact the Anderson Adderly Group at 845-470-2027.