Once you have decided to start a business, you must decide where you will organize your business. For most prospective business owners, the first thought is to organize or form their business in their home state or even the state where the business is in. While doing that is certainly an option, it is not the only option as there are many states that are business friendly and want companies to organize in their states.  In most cases, you just need to hire a company to serve as your registered agent in the state the business is organized (nominal annual fee) and register your business as a foreign business in the state or states where business is transacted.

Below are some states that you should consider when determining where you should form your business:

  1. Wyoming
      No state corporate or franchise taxes;
      Low organization fees.
  2. Nevada
      No state corporate or franchise taxes;
      Shareholders, directors, and officers do not need to reside in Nevada;
      Low annual fees.
  3. Delaware
      No state corporate taxes;
      Pro-business laws;
      Shareholders, directors, and officers do not need to reside in

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